Hawaii State Improvement Grant II


Photo: Susan Kovalik

Susan Kovalik, classroom teacher and curriculum innovator for over 35 years, has spent the past 23 years developing a model for curriculum and instruction based on brain research. In 1980, she developed the ITI Model Teaching Week, an innovative way to show teachers how ITI strategies work with students in their own school. Since that beginning, more than 40,000 teachers have attended the one-week experience, watching how their students respond to brain-compatible curriculum and instructional strategies and becoming inspired to begin their own ITI journey.

Susan is especially proud of a project that she personally sponsored in Slovakia, a new democracy that used to be under communist authority. She and her associates made numerous trips to teach ITI to the educators there. Two ITI teachers and their families lived in Slovakia for a whole year to teach more about ITI. It was quite a challenge to teach without being able to speak the language. Everything they said had to be translated! But it worked, and after seven years the educators there have taken over the project. There are ITI schools throughout the country.

Susan Kovalik & Associates was created in 1988 and today sends associates, experienced ITI instructors, to work around the world teaching and coaching educators. They share the power of working with a model that can be replicated for all students in all situations. Susan Kovalik’s books include ITI: The Model and Exceeding Expectations. Additionally she has produced over a dozen videotapes documenting ITI in action.

Photos: Students in the Classroom